Still a buzzword for a few, cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest trading instruments of our times. Thanks to technology, crypto trading has soon become one of the most inevitable and profit-generating trading commodities. One of the specialities of cryptocurrencies is the blockchain technology that powers it. Known to be decentralized and tamper-proof, cryptocurrencies are nothing less than a revolution today.


With CFDMex, you could take advantage of the fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies and trade on them for quick profits. We offer an ideal platform for you to trade on diverse cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. 

Why Trade Crypto with CFDMex ?

10+ Crypto Instruments

From your single account, seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

Extensive Support

Our dedicated customer support is always on your standby to help you with trading concerns.

Sophisticated Trading Platform

Start trading on the advanced MetaTrader4 Platform.

Leverage upto 1:400

Fetch more returns on your trading with high leverages.

Competitive Spreads

We offer the tightest spreads in the market across all instruments.

Lowest Deposits

Affordable minimum deposits to help you quickly get started with forex trading.

trading platform

MT4 For Desktop

MetaTrader4 allows you to use the latest digital tools to optimize your trading strategies and make way for more profits.

trading platform

MT4 For Mobile

Now get trading news and updates and trade on the go with the MetaTrader4 for mobile. Always stay informed about trading with the app for Android and iOS.